Shower Floor Tile

How to Tile a Shower Floor (Part 1: Layout for 2x2 Tiles)

Today's video shares quick tips for how to tile a shower floor. We share tips and tools that make this a lot easier no matter what your skill level. The links we promised are down below Bathroom Repair Tutor -- Angle Grinder - Masterpiuma Tile Cutter - Ishii Big Clinker Tile Cutter - Silica Dust Respirator - Bosch Laser Level -- Horseshoe tile spacers - linoleum knife -- Grout float -- 1/4" x 1/4" trowel - The first step to tiling a shower floor start in a corner and layout the sheets of tile. Then work your way toward the drain. In this example we cut 4 tiles from the center of the sheet to see what that would look like. From there, we added sheets of tile toward the plumbing wall, back wall, curb, and shower bench. Industry standards require a minimum 1/8" expansion and contraction joint between the tile and wall boards or curb. Cutting tiles for the shower floor is a lot easier with an angle grinder and diamond blade. But wear a silica dust respirator. Our Part 2 video will share how to set these tiles on the shower floor using thin-set mortar.

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