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Schluter Shower Part 4: How to Tile a Shower Pan...Penny Tile Tips

Today we discuss tips for how to tile a shower pan using penny tile mosaics. Sure, tile mosaics look amazing but they require attention to detail. So we share how to make installations much better. Bathroom Repair Tutor -- Tip #1 - Install pre-sloped shower pans over a flat and level substrate according to directions Tip #2 - Waterproof shower walls and flood test the shower system Tip #3 - Use the correct thin-set mortar, e.g. Schluter's ALL-SET, and NOT MASTIC!!! Tip #4 - Pick tile mosaics with very little adhesive between the tile and mesh Tip #5 - Choose the right trowel size according to the tile size, shape, and thickness Tip #6 - Directional trowel thin-set mortar and achieve 95% thin-set coverage Tip #7 - Leave an expansion and contraction joint between mosaics and the wall/shower curb Watch our video for more tips on how to tile a shower pan using penny tiles #howtotileshowers #homerepairtutor

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