Shower Floor Tile

Installing a Hexagonal Mosaic Marble shower Floor, step by step

Although this shower floor I used the Schluter Kerdi system with the proprietary drain grate assembly, I take the same approach to install any shower floor. The main difference is the drain where in other systems the drain grate would already be in place and it would be a simple matter of just cutting around it. In most cases I will simply dry lay the whole shower floor, cutting all the pieces in, when that is done I will pick up one or two rows and start to install with thinset. I will always leave some of the loose floor in place to leave a reference to be able to install the mosaic tile exactly where it needs to go. Because this is a Schluter Systems bathroom, a premium unmodified thinset is the required adhesive, in most other cases a good quality Modified thinset should be used All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area. This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on the product link. #tile #howtotile #installingtile #howtoinstalltile #Schlutersystems #dibsmart 🙂 Support me, shop my Amazon Store 🙂 💲1 PDF Floor installation guidelines 💲1 👍 Patreon 👍 YouTube Channel Facebook Website Twitter Instagram National Tile Contractors Association Category Howto & Style

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