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Pebble Tile Shower Floor Tips (5 Key Concepts!) -- by Home Repair Tutor

Pebble tile shower floors look amazing, but can be derailed by terrible tile and improper planning. We share 5 important concepts for setting pebble stone over a shower pan. Helpful Links: -Bathroom Repair Tutor -- Tip #1 - Install pebble stone floors first then the wall tile Tip #2 - Pick stones with minimal glue on the mesh Tip #3 - Dry fit pebble stone sheets over pan Tip #4 - Use white thin-set mortar to prevent stone discoloration Tip #5 - Make sheets tight to prevent seeing the outline Ask your questions in the comments, we'd be happy to help with your pebble stone shower floor. And if you're doing a bathroom remodel visit Bathroom Repair Tutor and join a course to make that easier and better Bathroom Repair Tutor --

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